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Features they are a springing (Ajax sneaks in too...)

Spent the day primarily on new-feature requests, including some very large next-gen features. One of them requires a rather involved, interactive process for defining limiting values, so I decided I'd try to integrate a Nevow LivePage into the web front-end.

It was a bit annoying having to reverse engineer the approach from the examples, (especially ...

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How many (and which) users are active on your (guarded) Nevow site? (Quicky recipe...)

Sat down and worked on a long-term wish-list feature, namely "presence" services for the Cinemon front-end. The first part of this is telling the user a) how many users are actively viewing the front-end, and b) which users they are. Well, we know we have this information stored in Nevow's guard.SessionWrapper object, it's just a ...

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Generic repositionable interpreter (Things I should do when I get a chance...)

Just killed close to an hour booting into Windows and trying to put together a py2exe'd Cinemon for the demo tonight. What I really want is just a Python interpreter that adds some sub-directory of the interpreter directory to sys.path (with .pth support) then runs the script you specified on the command line.

py2exe just ...

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Coincidence and magic (Plans fall apart, then magically reassemble themselves)

After the meeting with PCI this afternoon I beetled down to the Friendly Thai for dinner with Mark and Dave. Turns out it was actually 6 people for dinner, not just the three of us. By the time we finished, though, the hardworking people had to get to bed so they could get up in ...

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Conferencing software (Emulation setup should work better when enabled...)

One of the things we've been trying to get put together is simple audio-conferencing software for use among the partners in VexTech. Problem is that I've not been able to get Skype working on my workstation (an AMD64 box). However, Tim has got it working, so it's almost certainly a problem with my box.

So, ...

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