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Guess it's time to start thinking about PyCon2006 presentations (On the assumption that I'll somehow justify a ticket to Texas)

The real question is what to present? The last two years I've done presentations on "black magic" (metaclasses and descriptors), and those were fun, but we've probably covered most of the interesting material in there. And even then, the presentations were really more like classes/lectures, there was no new information other than organisational structure and ...

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Figured out part of the wonkiness (Amazing what happens when you read the XXX comments...)

For those of you who don't program, XXX comments are not blue/off-colour comments, but "I'm moving too fast here to stop and try to figure out how to deal with this corner case, come back and consider it when ready" (or something to that effect). Some IDEs will even build a todo list out of ...

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Ooh, look, the day is dying (Where do the dead days go?)

I wound up waking up rather early today (some bleepard with a fax machine keeps trying to spam our (non-esistent) fax machine). Mostly worked on finishing stuff for the VOIP billing system (e.g. formatting line items for the customer's bills), with a bit of Cinemon work toward the end of the day.

Anyway, think I'll ...

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Under the Sun (Though the sun is down right now...)

Was just writing Marjan, who'd asked about good movies, then clarified that she likes romances. I could only really come up with one romance off the top of my head, which is a Swedish film. It was very effective for me at the time I saw it. Far more effective than any of ...

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I am the programing inchworm (Images creep in (partially))

I started earlier working seriously on the image handling code (stopped when my hands gave out). At the moment each image-based function needs a special wrapper. There's also dozens of "special" wrappers from PyOpenGL that are really just type-specific versions of the root functions. So far I've just wound up hard-coding each wrapper, I'm hoping ...

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Have to upgrade the video card soon (Kind of ridiculous writing OpenGL software when the hardware is this out-of-date)

I currently run an ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 7500 in my workstation. Perfectly servicable card for work, given that all of my work these days is web-app development with SVG being the most demanding graphics I do. But it doesn't have any of the newer OpenGL features that need to be wrapped for PyOpenGL (or OpenGL-ctypes). ...

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Lots of array-handling refactoring (Mmm refactored code...)

Quite a bit more work on the array-handling code in OpenGL-ctypes. It seems to be working properly now, and the number of OpenGLContext demos that are running is growing substantially (even have the first bitmap-based demo working (though it's a pretty simple demo, no PIL involved)).

Something wonky is going on with the GLUT bitmap ...

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Array handling moves forward in OpenGL-ctypes (The goal is flexibility...)

Doing a bit more work with OpenGL-ctypes this evening. Mostly focusing on the array datatype handling. Basically what I want to allow is that any number of array-like datatypes can be registered with the system so that they can be passed to (and potentially returned from) functions expecting POINTER( basetype ) arguments.

Also tweaked the ...

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Windows just isn't worth the time (Another rebuild of a very old system...)

Wound up rebuilding (yet again) a Windows box that has decided to start corrupting its hard disk. Swapped in another hard disk from a box just as old (4GB). 7 hours later, it's wiped, installed, firewalled, anti-virused, IE has been replaced with Firefox, the DVD player is working, the menus have been cleaned up, the ...

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Our Judges

We desire the woman
Who sees more virtue in us
Than we see ourselves

But we can't trust
Their judgement
When they can't see
Our flaws

So we hope that someday
Someone will love us
Seeing both
And are today alone

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