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Long day on documentation (Much easier to read now)

Spent the whole day (modulo a few minutes fixing a bug) on user-level documentation for Cinemon. Looking back it's kind of amazing that I left so much of it in point-form, there's still a number of sections that need fleshing out, but the big topics are now at least discussed in full sentences :) . ...

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Sigh... bust (So tantalisingly close!)

I finally got past the block that's been sticking for more than a month (the inability to get a multilib version of both glibc and gcc), and was happily rolling through the automated update script when I hit one of the expected snags. No big deal, obviously others have hit it, and there's detailed instructions ...

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Once more into the Gentoo upgrade breach (Multilib or bust (since I can't sleep))

Can't sleep, and don't feel like doing anything that requires deep thought, so I'm going to try (yet again) to update my Gentoo profile from 2004.3 to 2005.0 (and then 2005.1). I've pulled the emul-linux packages from the 2005.1 CD (was never able to get them to build multilib on my 2004.3 system). Am now ...

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Sporty Younger Blondes

So mid-life is upon me
I am told by gentle stranger
I'm just not sure I'm ready
For a red phallatial car
Or a sporty younger blonde
I'd hoped youth might stay
Just a few years longer
And join me in old age

Scents on City Streets

Scents unheeded mingle
In crowded city streets
Rushing past on forward errands

Yet pause and breath
You may find the hint of friendship
On chance's gentle breeze

Gorgeous evening at the cafe (Shane pulls together half a dozen people...)

Shane discovered a rather beautiful and talented lady this evening. He pulled her over to our table at the cafe (she'd just been walking by, he does have a bit of a gift). After that Alex (a friend of Shane's and someone Rose knows) dropped in, then Michelle and Lara, and finally Dan dropped in ...

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Ma petite soeur sont retournee! (Elle sont retournee et *je* droit apris francais?)

Rose has returned from her wanderings. French much improved, considerably better than mine now... trouble is she wants to speak only French at home, so I'm going to have to learn considerably more to get by. I suppose that's a good thing, but I'd actually rather learn Mandarin.

Pushy lil' sisters... if they weren't so ...

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What's Left of Me

These days I dream smaller dreams
Of home and family gathered round
Yet sometimes in the darkness
Darker, richer dreams break through
Piling up cascading wonders
That leave me breathless
And make me wonder
What's left of the me
That I once knew

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