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Bit of tracker cleanup before serious work begins (Making a "raw" API easily accessible)

Been doing a bit of cleanup, getting minor patches integrated, setting up the trackers to provide v3.0 groups, that kind of thing. First major task I want to tackle is making an explicit "raw" sub-package that will provide the raw ctypes API for OpenGL. The purpose there being to allow projects that want to use ...

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Week off starts a little slowly (Sleeping half the day is *not* productive...)

I'm taking the week "off" to work on PyOpenGL. However, this first day has gone rather poorly with regard to actually getting anything done on the project. I read email for 1/2 hour this morning then just curled up on the floor (had been sorting papers on the bed earlier) and slept half the day ...

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Getting up early really stretches the day (Maybe too much)

Have been working fairly constantly since 8:30am, hard, focussed work, trying to get things off the table so that I can have a reasonably undisturbed week "off". I probably need to take a 20 or 30 minute break around now. Getting a bit mind-numb at this point and that's not good.

Feel like taking a week off (May be just messed up sleep schedule...)

What with staying/getting up in the middle of the night twice this week I'm feeling somewhat burned out. I'm strongly considering making next week a 100% Open Source week. Just concentrate on getting the OpenGL 3.0.0 package finished. There are things needing doing in various projects, but if I can get a good night's sleep ...

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Sometimes you have to see it to know... (Testing needs to go all the way through the process)

The invoicing run went basically perfectly. I spent almost 3 hours edging through the process, searching at every point for any sign that there might be a problem, but in the end everything went out just as specified.

Unfortunately, it turned out that there was a minor mis-specification. The invoices looked fine and printed out ...

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That moment of truth (Flipping the switch...)

Finally flipping the "go" switch on the new invoicing system tonight. Going to have to get up at 3:30am to make sure that everything is working properly, so I'm off to sleep now-ish-ly.

Writing this in the shiny-new Firefox that the workstation built while I was off at Linux Caffe this afternoon. Not really thrilled ...

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Talk Proposal in for PyCon (Plus an extremely long day for billables...)

8.33 hours of billable time today on integrating and testing the new invoicing system and dealing with various small but unacceptable bugs discovered in doing so (as well as an old, incorrect behaviour that I uncovered on the weekend). Tomorrow morning is going to be more testing with the plan to make the invoicing changes ...

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