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Hmm, what's wrong with the picture settings... (Will be a bit of a pain when recording...)

Turns out that Myth stores picture settings for each channel, but doesn't seem to allow altering those settings, so I can't just use v4lctl to set the values unless I do it every time I change the channel. There's also something weird happening to the audio whenever I record (it suddenly starts sounding tinny and ...

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Well would you look (and listen) to that! (Finally get PVR software working...)

Okay, so what did it take to get the ATI TV Wonder Pro running on Gentoo Linux with sound and video under MythTV, you ask? You ask the weirdest questions sometimes:
  • Upgrade the kernel to 2.6.10 (unstable for AMD64)
  • Patch the kernel with the latest Video-for-Linux patches for that kernel version, which include fixes for ...

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Too much coffee, not enough Video-for-Linux (Alternative to rebuilding Windows goes rather slowly... but not three-days-of-rebuilding-hell-slowly...)

Since I really only have the one feature missing from the Linux environment that's sufficient to keep me on Win32, I figured I'd give making the PVR software work one more try. This time I got MythTV properly configured, including the XML-TV grabber, scheduling of recording, and all of the other features I care about ...

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I'm sure this would have been much easier for Unix gurus (Turns out there's a -u flag for cp, but CVS can't really handle DOS line endings copied into a unix checkout...)

Since Windows is hosed, I did the day's work from my Gentoo Linux partition. Today's primary task was getting the three copies of Cinemon (CVS, running CVS checkout and enhanced running CVS checkout on Win32) merged into one CVS repository after the loss of the original CVS repository (sigh). Secondary task was testing and making ...

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Have to rebuild Windows yet again (It would be *so* nice if the hardware worked in Linux so I could ditch Windows entirely...)

Woke up this morning to find that there are half a dozen infected (system) files on the Windows partition. I'd really like to know what vector they came in on :( . AVG found the problems, but the free version couldn't heal, quarantine, or otherwise touch them. I suppose I could futz around replacing the ...

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What would have been different (If I knew when first writing OpenGLContext what I know now...)

Did a bit more work on OpenGLContext cleanup, fixing bugs with degenerate geometry handling, then beginning work on making the "mainloop" easier to work with. Currently the mainloop is defined in each "testing" context module, and needs to be separately imported from the base context class. Thing is, it really has nothing to do with ...

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Poor little MEC bag (Lost in the wilds of suburbia...)

On the way up to a client meeting I lost my Mountain Equipment Co-op bag (a gift from Rosey), nice little over-the-shoulder/bandolier-style thing, just the perfect size for carting around a few (paper) notebooks. Just forgot it on the bus as I got off, and couldn't get the bus driver to stop as I ran ...

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OpenGLContext still not out the door (Trivial little details piled one atop another...)

Wound up sleeping very poorly last night, so didn't get up until 2pm today. Spent the day working on OpenGLContext again. Mostly just tracking down little bugs here and there. I've probably done enough changes that I should do another beta before the final release... especially as some of the tessellation changes appear to have ...

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Little fixes and enhancements here and there (OpenGLContext evening...)

Spent the evening on OpenGLContext, enhancing a few demos, cleaning up code to use new features, finding a few bugs in the PyGame context; little things mostly. Only got through about 3/4 of the tests with the PyGame context, so I suppose tomorrow will be more of the same.

Grams is sick again, so won't ...

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Hardware is evil (Or, at least frustrating...)

Ken dropped off the replacement case exhaust fans, CPU heatsink and UPS this afternoon. No problem at all with the UPS or the case exhaust fans, but the CPU heatsink turned out to be a serious PITA.

I started on replacing the CPU cooler... read the instructions and realised there was a little plate that ...

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