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Whisker Rubs

Sandpaper wisker memories
Pull me back to days half-remembered
When the man I've become was my father
And my father was with me
Giving simple, bear-hug love
With sandpaper wiskers

OpenGL-ctypes extensions inching forward (Autogeneration (and working) are the sticky parts...)

Today (after defeating grams 4 games to 2) I started in on the OpenGL-ctypes extensions. Weird thing is, I can't see in PyOpenGL where it's passing in the GL context to the function-binding code. I could have sworn we needed the extension initialised for each context, but it looks as though the context is only ...

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When graphs attack! (I'm such an OpenGL tease...)

Nothing to do with OpenGL-ctypes. Spent what little time I was awake yesterday on getting the upstream channel signal-quality monitor graphs written for Cinemon. Matplotlib is fine, but somehow the interface feels... mushy... like I just dump data in and hope that it comes out okay.

That kind of mushiness is good for what the ...

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Nights of poker and programming gambles (Push the queuing effects lower in the software stack...)

Got into a mental exhaustion state last night. Decided to go out to Starbucks with Shane instead of pushing at the code. As has become normal for him, he wanted to play poker.

We each won one game (that is, took all the chips in multiple hands). My win was rather fast, I just played ...

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A day with Nevow and LivePage (Good news is that the SVN version fixes the bug...)

I discovered a bug in the released Nevow that I am using for the trigger configuration pages in Cinemon. The bug is fairly simple, when a user returns to a page (loading it from their browser's cache), the server has not rendered the page for this loading. Because Nevow constructs the client connection object during ...

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Wow, this feels good (Realisations while boring other people...)

Dave was mentioning that he's getting into the cable-modem running business after dinner (in turn after UU). So of course I blathered on and on about Cinemon.

And somewhere in the middle of blathering it hit me "this is a really good product". Sure, it's a tiny niche application. Sure, there are things that could ...

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Days without blogging! (Luckily nothing happened)

(Tim restored the blog from backup (Thanks Tim) and I've just manually copied over the last 3 posts.)

Past two days have been uneventful. I work all day and then pound on the stupid hardware configuration trying to get the nVidia card to work or the (now karked) PVR configuration restored. I wake up early ...

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Oh, this sucks! (Deleting spam trackbacks deletes the articles but leaves the spam trackbacks!)

Apparently the "moderate trackbacks" setting in CoreBlog doesn't do anything. I just turned on the trackback history box and discovered hundreds of trackback spams have been added. So, I started plowing through the articles deleting the trackbacks...

But they didn't disappear from the recent trackback listing. So I re-indexed the whole blog. And they still ...

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Some are merely bronze (nVidia doesn't appear too stable at the moment...)

First the good news: I just squeaked through by the hair of my teeth to defeat grams at pool. I messed up twice trying to snooker her, winding up instead giving her perfect 2 or 3 foot shots to win the game. But the second time (the last game of the day) she horribly miss-shot, ...

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