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Joy of Windows (I'm such a sucker for a beautiful face...)

Friend needed help trying to repair her computer this evening. I'm really not flush enough with time to be messing about with corrupted Windows installs, but you can't just leave a lady in distress.

Turned out to be a corrupted hard disk. Also a broken CD drive, and some loose cables, with no admin password ...

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Win32 Python Packages Need EXE Installers (Just too cumbersome otherwise...)

I've just finished pulling together and creating exe installers for all of Cinemon's open-source dependencies (save PostgreSQL). It's quite a list; 18 packages, with one single-module dependency and some internal packages as well. Went fairly well, save that some of the packages were bzip2 compressed (which WinZip doesn't handle).

I originally tried to do a ...

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Week fills up too fast (Also, messages from Rosey...)

I'm trying to think when I'll get time to put together the demo on Tim's laptop... guess it'll have to be now-ish, as I'm pretty much booked tomorrow and Tuesday. I think I'm getting to the meeting-exhuastion point... or rather I'm getting to the "I'd really like to work on the product now" point.

Meetings ...

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Very pleasant dinner (Meet a new friend)

Dinner at Jazz' place was wonderful. Great food, lots of fun conversations. Jazz' friend Mark was there. Interestingly, his job for Rogers is, effectively, one half of what Cinemon does (the group-of-modems half). Kind of a neat coincidence there.

We (Mark and I) didn't wind up winning (my fault, I'm just not up on pop ...

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Sleep, glorious sleep (Doesn't get much work done, but...)

I just couldn't get up this morning, so I spent the whole day abed... well... not quite. I actually did a tiny bit of work on the OpenGL-in-ctypes stuff, but hardly enough to be noticable. I keep thinking there has to be a better way to handle the wrapping and stopping to try to find ...

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A few pictures from down south (Kind of disappointed about the razorwire ones not being in focus...)

Rosey's leaving for her French immersion course tomorrow, so she wanted me to pull off all of the pictures she's been taking for the last couple of days. When I downloaded them, however, I realised that most of the pictures on the camera were actually from my San Antonio trip. No really great shots IMO, ...

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On the prisoner's dillema (Is revolution the answer?)

Blake's comment reminded me of a Prisoner's Dillema exercise back in high school (bear with me all of you who've heard this story, the point will eventually come along). Basically, when setting up a prisoner's dillema, an artifical controlling force has to prevent the society-as-a-whole from rising up and putting down 1) those who are ...

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