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Days of raging cleaning (Keeping it managable is just as important as building it in the first place)

Spent the whole day today either quashing little bugs that had crept into the Cinemon 1.0 tree (or were bothering Tim in BasicProperty), or cleaning out the cruft in the Cinemon issue tracker. Oh, also did some work on learning rc.d syntax and structure before realising that rc.local was the preferred approach... and did some ...

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Problem is that the writer knows you too well (Pushes buttons better left un-pushed...)

I had a very disturbing dream last night. Won't bore you with the details, suffice it to say that the main plot read like a doomed-wish-fulfillment fantasy. It was disturbing because it was one of those dreams where you wake up from it in stages, realising part of that wonderful world is gone or false, ...

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Long days are made of these (Who am I to disagree...)

Most of the work-day was occupied with a management meeting. After that answered a few emails, then did a few hours on a project that's just come free from an external block, so is now back in my court.

Made some curry, then helped Rosey with her assignments (due tomorrow, of course). The curry turned ...

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Need a better book-keeping solution (Tracking down receipts for Ken tomorrow...)

Today was all work on Cinemon 2.0 features. Took a break mid-day to run out and buy groceries, since we've not had any since I got home from PyCon... I bought a passel or two, to restock the depleted "emergency food" supplies (frozen chicken nuggets, frozen veggies, rice, beans) but when I got home Rosey ...

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MythTV program database off by one hour (Silly Daylight Savings Time...)

All of the recordings since the time-change yesterday are garbage. The MythTV database apparently doesn't adjust for DST. There's a couple of threads discussing the problem, but I haven't found anything that actually fixes the problem.

So much for doing something more relaxing with my evening.

Spoke too soon (Wrong-buffer rendering is still happening...)

The fix for the display "hiccups" in OpenGLContext turns out not to be a fix at all... it just pushed the timing off in that particular case so that it didn't happen. Other tests are now showing the effect (the display displays the new frame for an instant and then redisplays the original for one ...

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Interesting, ATI extensions missing from radeon driver ( only has glBlendEquationSeparateATI)

Decided to do some testing with OpenGLContext this evening. Second test I run runs into a weird little error. There's an undefined symbol error for the glGetArrayObjectivATI function... sure enough, the symbol doesn't exist in (which I would imagine is where it should be), or in any other library I can find.

PITA, as ...

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Mmm next-gen features... (Expanding Cinemon through refactoring)

Today marked the beginning of work on the 2.0 development branch for Cinemon. 1.0 still has lots of items to deal with, but I've now begun work on the features planned for release 2.0. Most of today was spent refactoring the test framework to allow for generating MockCMTS that can be scanned by the new ...

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No 2.0.0 final release (But the context-class-choosing script is working...)

Realised that the script that allows the user to choose a favourite context class (i.e. which GUI system they prefer to use) was totally broken. Rewrote it, creating a new "MouseOver" proto to make creating buttons a little easier. It's not a full button proto, but with it creating such a button is pretty easy. ...

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Yay, Blender builds (The Gentoo gnomes quietly fix another annoyance...)

The Blender build has been broken on my box for ages, but I'm so hard-wired to using 3DSMax that I never bothered to figure out why while I still had Windows about. Blender's keyboard-requiring interface is extremely non-intuitive to me... I learn the keyboard by pointing at what I want to do and being told ...

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