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Just so you don't think I'm going soft on Linux (It's a PITA too)

Tried to download a few pictures from the camera in Digikam today. Oops, managed to crash both Digikam and Myth (which uses Qt for rendering). Any attempt to start Digikam would peg the machine for a few minutes and then silently kill all the open KDE-based apps (e.g. Konsole, MythFrontend).

Turns out there was a ...

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Days go quickly when they start unreasonably early, and when you waste them on Windows (A little from column A, a little from column B)

Bulk of the day was actually spent on finishing the Windows re-install and development-environment setup (including finding the PostgreSQL incantation... ipc is no longer part of it). After that, an hour (well, probably two, but hard to figure what with spending time on the setup at the same time) of packaging and fixing minor bugs ...

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Fixed the dual-booting (PostgreSQL setup on Windows still unfinished...)

Something I should have backed up from the previous windows install: how the silly PostgreSQL services were installed. It's been so long since I've installed it that I'm going to have to track down the secret incantation all over again.

Luckily it turns out that there's a very simple GRUB incantation for booting Win2K off ...

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Windows is frustrating me! (Make it stop, mommy!)

So, finished the revision of the Zonez demo this afternoon, went to run py2exe over it to produce a final set of executables for the client... duh! Py2exe requires Windows, so instead of being a 1 minute process, packaging up the project has turned into a 6+ hour one (and, of course, can't bill the ...

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ZZZ in the springtime (Plans solidify when you give out credit-card numbers...)

Finally made all the arrangements for my little excursion to ZZZ. Going to be taking along D'Arcy's laptop and doing ~3 or 4 days work during the 6 day trip. Apparently XXX does have internet access, so I should be able to use that. The motel, however, has nothing :( . Guess I'll spend most ...

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Ah, Windows, I miss thee not at all... (Sandra's computer decides to corrupt itself...)

I think I may have completed my transition to Linux geek.

Our downstairs neigbours (Sandra, Hernandez, David and Abraham) have a Win2K box running on some cheap hardware someone sold them (for a bit too much). I built the Win2K install for them, as the store had neglected to actually install or configure any of ...

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Party passed pleasingly (The popularity of the last-girl-sitting...)

Simon's party last night was lively (as normal for his parties), lots of friendly, interesting people. Probably more computer people than previously, which changes the dynamic... more of a wheeling-and-dealing feel than the heavily arts and philosophy oriented crowd.

Got into a weird debate with Leslie. My feeling is that ethics must be the source ...

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Not a day to be inside (Yet here I sit...)

I have an incredibly strong urge to take a walk, go for some coffee, take some photographs, or otherwise get out of this room. It is gorgeous out and I'm sitting here not getting any work done on OpenGLContext because I keep hoping the phone will ring and there will be some (social) reason ...

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Nevow's templates are quite elegant (Just wish there was some documentation...)

Spent the whole day on Zonez work, with an hour in the middle for a meeting with Stephen (the client). Kept going longer than I should have thinking I could get the whole thing done today, just wound up with sore hands. XXX is going to be off at a feast, so can't phone her ...

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MythTV program database off by one hour [solved] (Write it up even though it's been written up in the mailing list...)

"Sympathetic User"'s support encouraged me to actually fix this problem today. Turns out the problem with MythTV was with reliance on a bug in Qt <= 3.3.3 which was fixed in 3.3.4. The MythTV folks have checked a fix in, but it'll likely be a while before that shows up in portage, so here's what ...

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