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At least it's not *my* code (Oh, wait, that would be easier...)

So, armed with my newfound gdb, I tackled the Cinemon crashes that necessitated writing the "zombiewatcher" script. Took about 20 seconds to have the gdb trace... hours and hours to finally decide that it appears to be a FreeBSD+Threading+PyOpenSSL bug. No responses yet from Python list as to whether there's a fix or workaround, ...

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Unfamiliarity makes things look harder than they are... (Debugging Python extensions on Linux easier than Win32)

I sat down intending to do an hour or so of playing with ctypes for OpenGL... 5 hours ago. I can't really begrudge the time, though, because beyond finding a number of minor problems with ctypes on amd64, I learned something I've been avoiding for a while now; learning how to debug C extensions on ...

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Distracted from the quest for pretty pictures (Delivery mechanism issues sop up an entire night w/ naught to show)

So, having got OpenGLContext 2.0.0c1 out the door, I went casting about for what to do for a demo for it. First thing I struck on was making an xscreensaver plugin that would allow you to run an OpenGLContext world. Probably is that xscreensaver doesn't seem to have much developer documentation.

AFAICS, there's a couple ...

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Git yer red-hot OpenGLContext (Sweet, juicy release candidate goodness...)

I've just packed up OpenGLContext 2.0.0c1 (release candidate 1), for Win32 and Gentoo Linux (with source for other platforms). Get it from the usual place.

I need to stop tinkering with 2.0.0 and move on to 2.0.1, I've been trying to release the final 2.0.0 version for... far, far too long... has it really ...

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Konsole is the source of the OpenGLContext flicker??? (Or at least, it only occurs when the OpenGL window is sitting over the Konsole window)

Okay, that was a little unexpected. The old code doesn't show the effect, but the new code produces the wrong-buffer-rendering effect only if the OpenGL window is sitting over the Konsole window (and only when the Konsole window is changing (such as printing out debugging text to try and figure out why it's flickering)).

So, ...

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On social change (Conversations in a bar)

So, the talk went fine. No new information or insights for me, all stuff we've discussed at length among our group of friends. Still, we obviously weren't the audience, it was targetted at more of a first-year philosophy crowd, a populist work intended to get people questioning Hobbes, Smith (and, though she wasn't mentioned, I'd ...

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Greed (Wade Rowland's reading this evening at U of T)

Shane and I are going down to Simon's dad's reading at U of T this evening. I made the mistake of asking him to talk about the book at Simon's party (he was kinda burned out on being asked questions at the time, felt like a bit of a heel for not picking up on ...

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Need to create some icons for the homepage (Well, really: need to create some pretty graphics so I don't go nuts...)

So I sat down fully intending to work on the thesis rewrite. Then I got distracted when I realised there was no link from anywhere save a few old blog postings to the page with the rewrite! There's also nothing from the homepage that takes you directly to the Python 3D Software collection, which is ...

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Telescoping days (Meeting turns to meetings...)

Spent basically the whole day in meetings. First 6 hours or so on a Cinemon management meeting. After that I was cajoled into going to the UU meeting (I've been skipping them for quite a few months now).

I'm entirely non-functional just now, so I think I'll head off to bed fairly soon.

No luck figuring out the OpenGLContext flicker (Why would it render to the wrong buffer?)

I took a nap around 5:00 and only woke up around 10:00. Looking around for something to do (other than futzing around with getting KDE working again), loaded up some OpenGLContext demos and sat thinking about why they are failing.

No insights appeared. Probably should have used the time to work on finishing the PyCon ...

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