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Fey Dream Creatures

The fey mood is upon me as I stare into the dark
Vibrating strings of reason holding me in check
There are grand dream-creatures roaming
Just beyond my shuttered sight
and I long to join them
and howl in darkest night

Stoic temperments

The problem with stoics is they shatter
They don't stretch like overtaxed steel
With moans and pings of stresss
They wake up one morning
Decide they've had enough
And walk away

Why work on details (When your strength is conceptual operations?)

Had one of those days. Lots of pointless, stupid little details, the kind of thing that should really be getting handed off to someone who enjoys fiddling with everything until they achieve perfection. In the same day I came up with 2 ideas that are both marketable business plans, things that address an immediate widespread ...

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Harmony versus comprehensibility (Dynamics are more than fibonacci ratios)

I'll take issue here with one of Smith's tools in Dynamics of Delight. Not so much because it's a major problem, but because it allows me to explore what I believe is an underlying principle that he is glossing over in attempting to present a simpler model for perception. Since our goal is to use ...

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Decision gridlock (Bogging down with lack of deciding factors...)

I wound up stopping work on making TwistedSNMP work with PySNMP 4.x today. I had work on the VOIP project that needed doing, but that wasn't why I stopped.

Sometimes when you're faced with a task there are two (or more) mutually exclusive approaches, both of which will take a long time to implement. You ...

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Finished off Dynamics of Delight (A few little bits and pieces)

Don't have time to write this up fully (4 minutes to starting work), but finished reading the book last night. Interesting packaging of the "proportion as metaphor" approach to discuss various aspects of design. It felt a little stretched, but then that's likely because I discuss those issues separately in my treatment.

One section that ...

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Sudden death pool and a nap (Or, what I did yesterday)

Went over to gram's place for Thanksgiving brunch, then played pool with her and two other residents (Arnie and Alek) for what seemed like hours. Both Arnie and Alek are rather good, get the feeling they'd have cleaned up the table with us a few years ago, as is we were fairly evenly matched (at ...

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Another stellar evening! (Life's joys and wonders... and other topics of conversation)

I was just too tired this morning to get up, wound up sleeping most of the day. Finally dragged my lazy bones out of bed, made a quick trip to the market and cleaned the house for having people over for coffee.

Everyone was late, so I got a chapter or two read before they ...

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Dynamics of Delight (by Peter F. Smith)

I was going to start in on the Kant and Hume today, but it was so nice over in the architecture library that I just stayed over there reading. In particular, I picked up a fairly recent book on aesthetics to see what the current thinking is in the field.

Interestingly (for me), there were ...

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