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They're waiting to pounce on her! (Calls for interviews start minutes after she's on the list...)

Rosey got her first call for an interview all of a couple of minutes after the form that makes her an official employee was entered into the computer. Apparently the French teacher shortage is not exaggerated. Good luck with the interview, Rose!

Images working in OpenGL-ctypes (Just needed to rebuild the ctypes library cleanly...)

Turns out that annoying image-to-texture failure was actually just a messed up compile on my machine. Anyway, OpenGL-ctypes now has image handling working under OpenGLContext. Spent some time trying to get the GLUT bitmap fonts working. So far no luck.

The GLUT declaration (on GLX machines) looks like this:
	GLUTAPI void *glutBitmap9By15;
#define GLUT_BITMAP_9_BY_15 (&glutBitmap9By15) ...

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PyGTA Meets! (Put the next one on your calendars...)

Linux Caffe is a very pleasant little environment. I'd been thinking of a very different environment, all little nooks and crannies, with insular little booths and some back-room environment for meetings. It's actually a single room with a long 'working bar' and a set of meeting/talking tables. Very clean-well-lighted family feel to the place.

Rather ...

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Some VOIP-ing to round out the day (Which is now way over my scheduled 9hrs)

Spent the rest of the evening on the VOIP platform, mostly going through the whole process of registering someone, setting up the hardware, testing that the hardware works, that they can call, that they can get voicemail, and little things like that. It did not go spectacularly well. I think many of the problems were ...

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Ah, that new startup smell (Critical conversations over dinner)

As mentioned a few weeks ago, had a few interesting ideas for new companies. We're looking into one of those now, bringing in friends with experience in starting and running larger companies to kick the tires and tell us what's needed to get to the next step. It's rather fun.

The weird thing is that, ...

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Architect's Geometry

Rough fingers slide
Across padded silk
Tracing high-order curves
Exciting interest
Denying the alure
Of architect's geometry
Implying there should be
A higher calling
To a lower end


It is a dry bazaar
Stretching across hard-cracked soil
Each our little stall
Full of dessicated thoughts
Polished as we might
Tattered with the lack of funds
Not fit for the greater market
Hoping to set up the next day
A little closer to the stream
That someone might stop by
But not so close ...

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The Blankets

The Blankets
Angry with my nighttime thrashing
Play a cruel prank
Pretending to be you
Calling me to hold them
As I sleep

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