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Poetry Tonight (Yay!)

Poetry tonight
Hopefully many reading
Their own verse
Or found treasures
What sweeter way
To while away a winter's night
Than gentle people
Reading gentle sonnets
Among their like

Tulle Princess

How now, what treachery is this
She's after the crown is she now
We'll see what crown she'll wear
When my well penned soldiers
Part her flowing hair
My kingdom
Princely estate of white
I shall not let you fall to some
Queen-seeming girl with
Naught but crowns and silken verse
To protect her from ...

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Drinking Too Late

Days disappear in pointless thrashing
When eyes burn with fatigue
But minds refuse to quench their search
So I sleep but do not rest
Waking to dreams of disemboweling
With a cracked fingernail
Know better than to drink so late
Or to try to sleep when it is done

AMI protocol for Twisted (Another one...)

Got home rather late from the Toronto Asterisk User's Group meeting, hanging out with Leigh, Simon and Shidan afterward at the restaurant and then the bubble tea place. Unfortunately, got home wired for sound because of all the sugar in the bubble tea (rather too much IMO), so I decided to take a crack at ...

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Mozzies of Mangos

Come little mango princess
Let me drink of that you are
Below the pretty lace and bows

Come little mango nurses
With your aprons and your capes
I want a red not in your crosses

Come too little swinging pirates
Don't spill it with your swords
I'll take it quick with gentle touch

I'll not ...

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Of Mangos

The lush-ripe fruit
Flower gone to seed
Would have me eat her
Peeling back the leather skin
Avoiding those too-tender spots
Calling to me from her stall
I pick her up in fondest hope
Sometimes it's a rare treat
Perhaps most precious of them all
Feeling sticky juices spread
So sweet my mouth explodes
Wondering ...

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Hard Warrior

Hard warrior
Above my cradle
Driven by ideals
Rough passions
Fine humour
Your words
So hard to hold
In my heart
Once removed
I can't understand
How you can be
So strong for me

Seeds of Lust

She'll leave it all to seeds of lust
Well let's embrace it friends
Plant our little seedlings
In rich dark soil of the night
Raise them with good hearts
Minds free of minor fears
We'll teach them truth
Show them love of knowledge
Try to give them wisdom
Raise them as good people
Who may ...

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