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Making the emailing work (Limiting and balancing and hierarchically-ordering... oh my!)

Today was all about tweaking email and trying to get it to the point where alerts are not flooding the users, but are also not delayed so much for consolidation that they're pointlessly late (getting a message that says, in effect, "your CMTS crashed 30 minutes ago" isn't much help).

Along the way I burned ...

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Am I a romantic sham? (Tim's hopes withstanding?)

Tim remarks, in response to Chad, (and I think in earnest), that he hopes my penchant for romanticism is all part of some act or other. Which is in line with my understanding of how Tim views my view of love. But I'm afraid I really do mean what I say when I describe what ...

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Nope, more Cinemoning (No wonder everyone else requires $100,000 servers...)

Bryan remarked on slow changes to the online views after the offline event yesterday. It's an artefact of our (delicately balanced) scanning method, which tries to make sure that we're not overloading the processor or network while still trying to quickly report changes to the status of groups in the network.

Problem is, it doesn't ...

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Time to restart the Mikey on Linux project? (Have to get off Microsoft eventually...)

As all my loyal readers will no doubt remember, I hit a rather annoying snag way back when that forced me to switch back from Linux to Win2K. I fixed that a while ago, but since then I've spent all of my time on Linux trying to get FreeVO installed and configured to work with ...

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Quiet day of Cinemoning (Working on demos)

Improving demo-ing capabilities and handling CMTS failures and resets was today's focus. Nothing spectacular, just hooking up code in MockCMTS such that it can be accessed when the application is running in demo mode and then providing a UI for it.

The demo ui stuff showed a number of problems in how the MockCMTS works ...

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Remembering (You'd think after 11 years I'd have written it down...)

Natasha and I have known each other for 11 years now. I still don't know the precise day of her birthday. I remember when it is (somewhere between the 4th and the 6th). The problem is that I got it wrong for 4 or 5 years (and always wind up seeing her on days that ...

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I've said it before... I'll say it again (Ever heard of a broom?)

As everyone knows, yesterday was the one-year anniversary of the Spirit rover on Mars. It had a 90 day expected lifetime and has "miraculously" managed to survive 4 times that. However, the only thing that I've ever heard of that would reduce the thing's expected life-cycle is dust accumulation on the solar panels.

I mean, ...

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Double standard still exists (Ruminations on oral fixations...)

A few years ago three friends and I were taking a cab ride. For some reason the conversation turned to fellatio, and went ribaldly along for a few minutes in that vein. Playing along, I mentioned something about cunnilingus. The reactions from those friends were striking. While they'd been happily discussing a woman pleasuring a ...

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Don't seem to be in the mood to write serious stuff (Ritual in design blathering...)

Next section in the outline of the Play section is the use of Ritual in Design. The problem is that much of the material in the section is a rehash of the stuff earlier. Ritual plays with hidden orders, and the arbitrary. The difference is in the experiential quality of the play.

Ritual involves making ...

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Little fixes here and there (Day vanishes into the air...)

Did a couple of extra hours of work today so I can justify taking a few hours tomorrow afternoon to pick up groceries. Nothing huge, just a lot of little fixes, mostly for presentation problems. Anyway, think I'll do a bit of writing and then try to get to bed at a decent hour.

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