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Hoarse and deaf, without a decent conversation to show for it (How to discourage intellectuals from hanging out in your establishment...)

Went to a friend's birthday party tonight. Was held at the Trane Studio (a bar of sorts). The music was good (live, for the most part), no complaints there. It's just that it was so loud that the only way to make oneself heard was to scream in one another's ears. It only took 30 ...

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Slow day for productivity... (Staring at a black box doesn't train it well)

Spent part of my day trying to tease out answers as to why Cinemon went berserk last night, acting as though the network was experiencing sporadic failures all over the joint. When I thought to post my musings, Bryan noted that, yes, there had been sporadic failures all over the network.

Which got me thinking; ...

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Rebuilding computers takes way too long (2 day's off-hours sopped up...)

Wound up rebuilding a friend's machine on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, it was a very slow machine, so it took far longer than I was hoping. She was asleep by the time I was ready to start configuring the email client, so I just left it for her. Oops. I use a hardware firewall (and Mozilla), ...

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A few tiny steps forward in OpenGLContext (So much more relaxing than Cinemon...)

Added code to cycle through defined viewpoints in a VRML97 file, to adopt the specified fieldOfView of the viewpoint, and to respect the "jump" flag in deciding whether to update position and rotation.

I think with that I'm basically done tinkering with the Viewpoint support. It's by no means a full VRML97 viewpoint implementation, but ...

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Hard limits and heuristics (Or, my day in frustrating revelations...)

Have been doing all of our testing/development work with a partially-specified hierarchy provided by ACI. The change last week, which I thought of as creating an over-specified hierarchy in the demo/testing code had actually come darn close to simulating precisely a normal hierarchy. The extreme slowdown turns out to be a real effect that we ...

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Long edit-test-debug cycles really are productivity-sapping (While I wait for the simulation to get to the point where it can be run again...)

Developing Cinemon got really slow sometime late last week, mostly because of the more aggressive scanning parameters and the larger physical map. On the real system these don't have that much of an effect, but the demo/dev system is just crawling. Instead of a 20s cycle it's become a 3 or 4 minute cycle. That ...

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OpenGLContext grows basic Viewpoint support (Really, really basic...)

Fixed yet another really-really-really core system bug. Hard to believe such things could be in there that deep and never cause an error until now. This time it was in the "find" method that searches a scenegraph for out-of-order nodes. It was incorrectly generating it's flattened "todo" list, so was returning entirely invalid node-paths.

At ...

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Old VRML never dies (It just gets shunted off to directories called oldstuff/zzserver/vrml)

Was hunting about for Eric and discovered an old link from one of the VRML guys lamenting the loss of my old VRML code collection from the VRML community (well, more like the community's implosion and everyone considering it dead). So I started hunting about looking for those old worlds. They were pretty rough. Still, ...

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Or maybe I'll just blog more (And try to type quietly)

People I think about a lot who have gone missing-in-action from my life (mostly due to my being an idiot and not keeping up on correspondence):

Kim — She's off teaching at a University on the prairies these days
Alexei — He's off in China.
Diana — She's married, in Ottawa, with 4 children (3 ...

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More thoughts on OpenGLContext (Or, I don't think I'm going to sleep, so may as well blog...)

Need to decide what I'm going to do about making an end-programmer-friendly UI system available. Do I go with something like PyUI, which is entirely within the OpenGL window? or do I try to make some cross-GUI-system minimal subset for 3D-oriented code? or do I write individual tools for use with a single GUI library ...

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