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She never brings them home for *me* (Rosey & co go out clubbing, so the day ends early...)

Rosey and Erin (friend from St. Mary's back when we were in high school (and a rather stunning woman even back then (she's the one on the right))) took one of their friends out clubbing as part of another friend's wedding festivities. They're all staying over, so I guess I'll call it a night so ...

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Napping isn't very productive... (Or, my day in OpenGLContext)

Spent what (small) fraction of the day I was awake working on OpenGLContext, and then watching a movie (Switch). The OpenGLContext work was fairly trivial stuff, just tightening things up in preparation for the 2.0.0 final release. This included rewriting the demo to function as a chooser for the default fonts to use for ...

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It's annoying when I can't seem to think straight (PyGame font should be so simple... and yet...)

Been working on fixing the PyGame font renderer in OpenGLContext. This was broken by a fix to the bitmap renderer a month ago. Problem is, the original code had this wonky set of transformations that look like they should effectively cancel each other out, but which worked perfectly well with the (wonky) previous rendering scheme ...

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Wow, Andromeda ends darkly... (Spoiler warning...)

Couldn't sleep, so decided to plough through a few of the PVR'd shows piling up on the hard disk. They included the last 2 episodes of Andromeda. Um... dark. Everyone dies save the hero who decides to flee... even the heroine that the hero (who eventually flees) convinces she shouldn't flee.

I mean, yes, it ...

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Eating, napping and graphics (Good finish to the day I suppose...)

Cooked up some curry this evening. Wasn't that spectacular, mostly because it burned a little in the wok. Rosey is still sick, so she went to bed before trying it.

After eating I was just so exhausted I took a nap. Got up around 1am and decided to fix a bug that's been annoying me ...

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Wow, where did *that* day go? (Gotta love meetings...)

Good day, all-in-all. Much of it spent on documentation. A bit on making the demo code a little less CPU-greedy (though not quite there yet), and the meeting with Steven.

Also flipped bits on 10 or so "billable" items... almost a month's work... I didn't count, but it's probably 200 or more hours. If we ...

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Mmm... sales (Well, sales documentation...)

Wound up taking almost 3/4 of an hour explaining a new (heuristic) feature (that triggered a little too readily last night) to Bryan in email (and coming up with a way to improve it as I did), so not as much of the "what's in the box" document as I'd planned, but I did get ...

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OpenGLContext grows more Interpolators (Morphing and moving and colouring and fading! Oh my!)

Spent an hour or two on OpenGLContext last night. In particular, generalised the OrientationInterpolator code into a generic Interpolator and sub-classes for position, colour, scalar, orientation, and coordinate interpolators. Only VRML97 interpolator node still missing is NormalInterpolator, which is both very rare and a bit of a pain to create (because it requires a quaternion ...

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Day dissolves (Fragmented work-day doesn't produce much...)

I know I did work today, but given that length of time spent, it doesn't seem like much. Wound up having interruptions (D'Arcy's call, Tim's visit and the management meeting) that kind of chopped the day into little fragments (I don't work well when there's someone in the room, I'm just driven to talk to ...

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A nap and then OpenGLContext (TimeSensor and OrientationInterpolator implemented...)

Had to sleep for 3 hours or so to give my hands a chance to rest, but then I sat down to work on OpenGLContext. Decided that the most important issue was the lack of easily accessible animated content, so set about fixing that.

The TimeSensor node is basically just a wrapper around the Timer. ...

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