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More Picassa goodness (Ooh, look, old projects resurrected...)

This is an old project I designed way back in the Holodesk days. It was a simple "workshop" space with a demo (a personal information manager display, written using Zope for the non-3D parts of the UI).

I rather liked the effect of the space, which was extremely lightweight, but gave a rather rich look ...

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Life is so much more fun out there where there are people (May as well post a few pictures to keep the masses happy...)

This is actually a picture from after having my meeting with Stephen earlier in the week. This is a Smart car, which you can see in Toronto these days. It's a tiny 2-seater commuter car. I'm very seriously considering getting one should I wind up needing a car anytime soon. "Why would anyone really need ...

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Resetting didn't occur because it wasn't wired up (Still need a test fixture to test the situation...)

Think I figured out why the CMTS-reset situation wasn't getting handled correctly. It was never wired up to do the actual checks to see if there had been a reboot (though it was retrieving the data to allow the check). Spent much of the day on that and one other bug, as well as on ...

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Distractions, distractions... (Choosing a restaurant for a meeting when you never leave the house is a PITA)

I seldom get out of the house for a dinner, so choosing a restaurant for our bi-weekly meetings takes me far longer than it should. Especially when restaurants I want turn out not to show up in the phone book at all. There was a great Persian restaurant up at Yonge and Steeles called "North". ...

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Finally get history data-recording back in Cinemon (Should learn a better way of doing iterative operations in Twisted one of these days...)

Gave up for a while on finding the reason the CMTS wasn't properly doing a reset. Instead, I concentrated on finishing the feature I was working on previously; namely recording history for various counters. (Should there be a comma after namely? Looks like it, but then the sentence reads awkwardly.)

That feature took a surprisingly ...

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I need a break (Or an 8 week intensive course on test-fixture-creation...)

Just downloaded Picasa from Google and let it search my hard-disks for images. Lots of very old projects showed up that never made it to my portfolio. The image to the left is from a (real-world) project way back when I was still thinking of practicing real-world architecture (as well as the virtual kind). It's ...

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Rule by the rich (It really is what I said it is...)

Saw Shane and Lara briefly at Starbucks before I headed home from the meeting. We were sitting around and I mentioned that I though Plutocracy meant "rule by the wealthy", while Shane said that it was Oligarchy that meant "rule by the wealthy".

Plutocracy does means rule by the wealthy.


Oligarchy seems to mean ...

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IronPython does appear to be a bit moribund (Still thinking...)

John mentioned that IronPython development seemed to have stalled, so I did some poking around, and indeed, there doesn't seem to be much going on in the mailing list. It's just so dangerous sounding, big project likely to take months of work w/out any way to support myself with it; and if Jim really is ...

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PyCon paper writing goes well (Though there was a section missing in the outline)

Started working on writing the paper for my PyCon presentation. Did about 3 pages from the first section (of 5), so likely going to be around 15 printed pages of text, with quite a few code listings as well. Idea is to have the paper provide in-depth exploration and usage details so that the presentation ...

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Argh! What an incredibly long day! (7 hours to do an hour meeting)

Somehow Stephen wound up going to the Second Cup when we rescheduled the meeting, so another 1.5 hours spent sitting and waiting... almost enough to justify getting a cell phone.

Good thing we met though. Turns out the simplest-I-could-imagine mechanism for generating the new demo types was just way too complex for them. So we ...

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